The EARL Measure - complimentary tool for self-improvement

(Emotional Agility, Resilience and Leadership Measure)

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About the EARL Measure

The XVenture Earl Measure is based on the hallmarks of five years of XVenture’s work in the areas of emotional agility, mental resilience, leadership, team adaptability and cohesion. The EARL Measure has been designed to identify potential areas of strength and areas of development for individuals and organizations.

Over the last five years, over 5000 people, from 500 teams have undertaken XVenture’s personal and professional development programs around the globe. This includes elite sports teams, high profile leaders, multinational corporations, small and medium size businesses, emergency services, students, families and charities. Programs include: XVenture’s one or two- day experiential learning programs, MBA unit, teachers’ programs or high school programs, leadership apps, electronic learning solutions or XVenture’s national TV shows.

By completing the EARL Measure you are taking a step towards personal and professional improvement. Once you've completed the 36 questions, you'll immediately receive an email with your results and some suggestions of how you can make improvements.

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